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South Dundas Network

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In 2004, W3 Connex was awarded the initial project based on a formal RFP process administered by the Township under the BRAND (Broadband for Rural and Northern Development) funding program.

In the spring of 2005, W3 and our technology partner, mmwave Technologies Inc., finalized a detailed engineering assessment of the existing network infrastructure owned by the Township as well as the requirements for the new wireless network designed to provide wireless high-speed broadband service to the unserved communities across South Dundas. Prior to the commencement of the new wireless network build, W3 and the Township had to reach agreement on the purchase of the existing network assets as they are integral to the new network design. In addition, approval had to be obtained from Industry Canada, the Federal Ministry responsible for administering the BRAND program.

Over the summer months, after lengthy round of negotiations, the purchase of the existing network assets from the Township were concluded with the formal approval from Council on October 11, 2005. On January 31, 2006, W3 completed the final purchase of Township network assets and announced that we had concurrently completed the build of our wireless network components and were now able to provide Residence and Businesses with high-speed broadband and internet services throughout the entire Township of South Dundas.

The following information summarizes these activities:

Phase 1
In Phase 1, W3 installed new Fibre Optics Media Converters and Switches to improve the quality of service for all customers served by the fibre optics network in Morrisburg and Iroquois. This new equipment also enhances the ability to manage the network and trouble shoot using the latest network management system. In addition, W3 has completed the installation of new network Points of Presence in specially designed outdoor cabinets at the Water Towers in both Morrisburg and Iroquois. We then completed the installation of point to point microwave radios that interconnect the two fibre optic networks with our Internet Gateway located in our Central office in Morrisburg. In two maps below are graphic representations of the Fibre Optic Networks serving Morrisburg and Iroquois.

Fibre Optic Network diagram in Morrisburg Ontario


 Fibre Optic Network diagram in Iroquois Ontario

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Phase 2
In Phase 2, W3 has built new telecommunications towers at the Township offices in Williamsburg and at the Matilda Township Community Centre in Dixons Corners. We then installed point to point microwave radios to connect the Morrisburg Water Tower to the new Williamsburg Township Municipal tower and from the Iroquois Water Tower to the Matilda Community Centre. Both of these new towers can now provide local businesses and residences with wireless high-speed broadband and internet service. In addition as part of Phase 2, W3 identified that 2 Optimization sites were required to ensure that potential customers on the eastern side of the Township could be provided with service as part of this initial phase. To accomplish this, two additional Network Services Areas (NSA) were planned and implemented with the construction of new towers and local wireless transmitters located at the Dunbar Recreation Centre and the Riverside Heights Recreation Centres.

On January 31, 2006, W3 announced that it is now implementing service to all County government locations as well as to a number of new residential and business customers who want to be hooked up as soon as the system went live. Diagram #3 below provides a graphical representation of the area that is covered. The reader should be aware that although our maps may show that coverage is possible, a wireless radio actually requires a direct "line of sight” between the W3 transceiver, located on one of four tower locations shown in the diagram below, and the end-user's customer premise equipment antenna. Line of sight means that there must be a clear unobstructed path between the transmitting and receiving antennas for the radio signal, which otherwise could be blocked by anything in its path, including foliage. With the radios that we are deploying, the signal is capable of penetrating some foliage. Therefore we always ask potential customers “can you see our tower from your house or business?” Sometimes a need for extra height is required, so an old TV antenna can often be used.
Phase 2 was completed on January 16, 2006.

Phase 2 Wireless Coverage Map

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Phase 3
The objective in Phase 3 is to provide as close to total coverage as is technically and financially feasible so that residences and businesses throughout the Township can be connected to the W3 high-speed Internet network.

The Phase 3 Wireless Coverage Map below provides a graphical representation of two new Network Services Areas (NSA’s) with wireless transmitters to be installed on the Water Towers located in both Morrisburg and Iroquois.
This phase will be completed by the end of February 2006.

Phase 3 Wireless Coverage Map

Phase 4
Over the longer term it is expected that the number of end user customers will be constantly growing, as will our Customers' use of the Internet. To accommodate this growth, the W3 network is easily scalable to facilitate the installation of additional Network Access Points (NAPs) to increase network capacity.
This phase is currently in progress and will be ongoing.

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