Network Overview


The W3 Connex network is comprised of several layers:

  1. Access, the layer that provides local broadband wireless access to subscribers within a W3 serving area, consists of several components:
    • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), that includes the external antenna, cable and indoor unit located at the residential or business subscriber's location;
    • (Optional) Neighbourhood Node (NN), that provides coverage to residential subscribers living within a small neighbourhood cluster (basic residential service is offered from a neighbourhood node);
    • Network Access Point (NAP), that houses W3's access equipment, and optionally switching and transport equipment;
  2. Wide Area Network (WAN), that provides transport throughout a serving region, interconnecting NAPs as well as supporting interconnections with other carriers and ISPs;
  3. Data Centre (DC), that delivers all end-user services, network services, network management, and subscriber administration capabilities to all W3 regional networks.

Overall Design Approach
W3's overall network design approach is to implement a cost-effective carrier-class physical network upon which multiple Virtual LANs (VLANs) can be deployed. One VLAN is dedicated to W3’s management traffic. Another is dedicated to W3’s Internet services traffic. Similarly, additional VLANs can be allocated to each interconnected ISP, and to multi-location customers subscribing to Transparent LAN Service (TLS). This approach partitions the physical network into multiple logical networks for privacy and manageability.

Subscriber/carrier demarcation points are RJ45 Ethernet jacks on subscriber unit radios, and switch ports at W3's Network Access Points or Points of Presence. The subscriber or carrier sends/receives the IP traffic flow associated with their VLAN; VLAN tags are added/removed at the radio or switch port as they start/finish their transit through W3's network to the configured destination.

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