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Haliburton Network

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On November 14, 2005 W3 Connex and the Haliburton County Connect Members concluded an agreement that will result in the creation of the Haliburton Connect Broadband Network.

This agreement was the direct result of a long-term program by key stakeholders throughout the County starting with the formation of the Haliburton Connect Committee in November of 2001. It included representatives from the County of Haliburton, Haliburton County Development Corporation, Trillium Lakelands District School Board, Haliburton Highlands Health Services Corporation, Sir Sandford Fleming College, Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce, U-Links, the Township of Minden Hills, the Municipality of Dysart et al, the Township of Algonquin Highlands, and the Municipality of Highlands East.

In June 2002 a contract was placed with WD Taylor & Associates to perform a Project Coordination role so as to ensure that the needs of Haliburton Connect were identified and met. With the funding support of the Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology, a plan was developed to identify the infrastructure and hardware necessary to deliver services on-line. A submission was made to the Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation and Management Board Secretariat for funding under the Ontario SuperBuild's Connect Ontario Broadband Regional Access (COBRA) program. When the Provincial Government cancelled the COBRA program, the County continued to work with its partners to develop a funding strategy for the development of the necessary infrastructure and hardware to help to realize the benefits of e-government and e-commerce throughout the communities and in 2004 a formal RFP process was administered by the County.

The project was awarded to W3 Connex Inc. (and its subcontractor Expertech Inc.). On October 4, 2005, W3 and Members of the Haliburton Connect finalized agreements related to the build, ownership and operation of the broadband network. A significant commitment of approximately $3,000,000 was made by Haliburton Connect members over a 5 year period in the form of initial capital contributions towards the build costs of the fibre network as well as five year service and support agreements that will enable this network to be sustainable over the longer term. When completed in late summer of 2006, the completed network will a combination of a fiber optics and fixed wireless high-speed broadband facilities that will provide high-speed broadband access to all constituents in Haliburton County and Member locations in the Kawartha Lakes and Muskoka Regions.

Network Deployment
As of March 15th 2006, W3 Connex has concluded the first step in the build project finalizing the detailed network design and is currently finalizing site permits, collocation agreements, spectrum licensing as well as procuring the necessary rights-of-way for the network build of both the fibre optics and fixed wireless components of the network.

As noted, W3 and its subcontractor partners [Expertech Network Installation Inc., mmwave Technologies Inc. and Halcom Communications, (a Haliburton County radio communications and tower company)] expect to be completed in the late summer of 2006. The project includes a new fiber optic network build from Lindsay to Minden and Haliburton that will provide high speed links between Member facilities as well as a fixed wireless broadband network build that will provide high speed service to residential and commercial users throughout the County of Haliburton and other Member locations not serviced on the fibre network.

In the press announcement issues on November 14th, Haliburton Warden Jim McMahon stated that “the County of Haliburton looks forward to working with W3 Connex Inc. in providing broadband service in 2006 to the County municipalities, area schools, Sir Sanford Fleming College, local businesses and residents located throughout Haliburton County in a timely and cost effective manner.”

Phase 1 - Wireless Coverage Area to Provide Broadband Service to Residential and Commercial Lite Customers
In the initial build stage, Wireless Service will be provided as shown below in the graphical diagram highlighting the coverage area surrounding each of the main Tower sites. It is important to note that, as this is a wireless network, for a customer to be connected, a radio signal must have a direct "line of sight” between the W3 transceiver on one of main tower locations and a W3 provided antenna at the end-user customer’s house or business location. Line of sight means that there must be a completely clear and unobstructed path between the two antennas for the radio signal to travel. Any obstruction such as a hill, a ridge or a dense forest can block the radio signals path and the prospective customer will not have service until Phase 2 has been implemented in their area to receive service. In many cases a customer may elect to use an existing TV tower or have a tower installed to get over a nearby obstruction.

Map to Graphically Show Phase 1 Wireless Coverage Area from Main Tower Locations

(Please note that this map is intended only to provide a graphic representation of the general area to be covered by the wireless network. To see if your home or business can be cennected please contact us at 1-888-235-9326 or by completing an application form or by email to [email protected]).

Phase 2 Plan
In Phase 2 our objective is to provide as close to total coverage as is technically and financially feasible so that residences and businesses throughout the County can be served. This will require the installation of additional new towers and equipment to beam service to areas cut off from the main towers by ridges, hills or dense forest or other obstructions. Implementation will proceed as quickly as access to and installation on chosen tower site locations can be arranged (in most cases this will require associated County Building Permits). After the completion of Phase 1, Phase 2 becomes the top priority for W3, as we understand that for our customers, waiting for the connection to high-speed Internet service is only slightly less frustrating than waiting for large files to arrive on their current dial-up lines.

Phase 3 Plan
Over the longer term it is expected that the number of end user customers will be constantly growing, as will our Customers' use of the Internet. To accommodate this growth, the W3 network is easily scalable to facilitate the installation of additional Network Access Points (NAPs) to increase network capacity. Furthermore where economically feasible, W3 will install additional NAPs to provide services to customers in the most isolated areas.

W3 is very excited about this project as we believe that this is the biggest project of its kind in Canada providing much needed broadband service to currently unserved and underserved areas throughout Haliburton County as well as to specific member locations in the Kawartha Lakes and Muskoka regions.

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